About us

The Dot is the beginning. When a writer sits down to write a magnum opus … a poet puts pen to paper to write an epic poem … an artist touches the canvas with the tip of the brush for the first time to create a masterpiece, the first impression that forms is The Dot.

When a master craftsman considers a block of wood or marble or granite … an athlete is about to start a race … a swimmer is about to jump into the pool, all energy focuses on a single point, in an attempt to concentrate. Ekagrata, before you set out to achieve your goal, requires you to focus on a single point – The Dot.

The Dot, in its humble existence, is the beginning. The Dot signifies closure too. The Dot is also the end.

Life, as it were, begins and ends with The Dot

The Dot is a communications consultancy that offers strategic solutions to clients, based on a deep understanding of a brand’s various stakeholders and consumer behaviour. Our range of services spans offline and online communication solutions – Advertising, Public Relations, Direct Response, Promotions, Digital & Social Media, Mobile marketing, Internal Communication, Websites, Corporate Films, etc.